The Spotlight Artists Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge artists who will each be creating a site-specific solo exhibition.

2016 Spotlight Program

2016 Spotlight Artists


Booth 401

Maria Ana Davila | TIMELESS | 12″ x 8″

Maria Ana Davila aims to capture beauty in the mundane through her photography. Taking in everyday moments and commonplace scenery and transforming them into unique, textured photographs with striking colors and water-rippled shapes, Davila focuses on capturing not just single instances in nature, but also the underlying organic sensibility of those moments.

A native of Mexico, Davila has been taking pictures since childhood. Having worked at a professional photography production company for 23 years and exhibited her artwork in regional galleries, Davila is thrilled to have been chosen as a Spotlight Artist at Spectrum Indian Wells—an honor that will allow her to come to the U.S. on a special artist visa in order to attend the show. Contemporary Art Projects USA has been representing her for nearly two years and now, with this recognition, Davila will be able to come to a show for the first time to stand by her artwork.

When describing her water-reflection photographs, Davila shares, “Reflections on water are the thoughts, meditations, ruminations, joy, and love that each of us reflects from oneself. It is completely personal; it is ourselves looking deep inside, with our own contrasts, focused or unfocused, with our pale or vivid memories, our shadows, lights, and sharp edges. We can be quiet or stormy water, but there is always beauty.” She recognizes and finds inspiration in the parallels between the inherently fleeting nature of human life and the ever-changing displays of nature, explaining, “We are unique and unrepeatable, the same way the water [is], captured in an instant. It will never be the same. I can never repeat the same instant with the same reflection again, and we are like this [as well].”

View Davila’s stunning photography in Contemporary Art Projects USA’s Booth 401.

Kris & Angela Gebhardt Gebhardt Gallery

Booth 301

Angela Gebhardt | Chaos | Oil on Canvas
Kris Gebhardt | Second Class Citizen | Oil on Canvas

Kris and Angela Gebhardt are a powerhouse couple, there’s no question. But the two individuals who make up Gebhardt Gallery are also incredible artists in their own right. Comprising large-format contemporary works, Kris and Angela’s collective body of work “is not for everyone,” Kris admitted in a profile by Saatchi Art. “Most pieces feature strength and beauty, but it’s not sugar-coated; it’s knocked around a bit just like life. We paint a lot of reality on our canvases. Even in its roughest form, you can still see the integration of strength and beauty.”

A published author, expert fitness coach, and mixed-media artist, Kris Gebhardt began his artistic journey after suffering a devastating sports injury and touring with John Mellencamp as the rock star’s personal trainer in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since that time, his gritty pieces of artwork—whether erotically charged black-and-white photographs of his wife Angela or haunting mixed-media depictions of the human body, sometimes accompanied by minimal but poignant text—have been sold and published around the world. His art pieces are candid depictions of the human condition, revealing pain, heartache, and the search for strength.

Angela Gebhardt began painting in her youth but, in time, traded in her paintbrush for business ownership. However, when her passion for art became too great to neglect, Angela sold her successful Indianapolis hair design business and product line and heeded the call. Her next career move was an unanticipated one—becoming Kris Gebhardt’s muse and seeing her physical form, interpreted by her husband’s deft photographic touch, capture the spotlight in international exhibitions. Eventually Angela began painting too, crafting large-scale abstract contemporary pieces as well as figure paintings with bold and surreal messages woven into the composition. Her richly varied life experiences and reverence for the ocean inform much of her work.

Kris and Angela Gebhardt’s works, though different in style, are complementary and have received acclaim when shown together at art shows in New York and Miami. See a selection of the Gebhardts’ large-format work at Gebhardt Gallery’s Booth 301.

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